Sample Analyses Request Form

Sample Scheduling:

Read carefully before submitting samples to the ARL

1. ALL SAMPLES MUSTBE SCHEDULED WITH THE ARL PRIOR TO DELIVERY. Two copies of your information sheet will be returned to you with your assigned appointment date listed. Keep one copy and return the other with your samples. Please ensure that samples arrive by the appointment date. Samples arriving after their appointment date will be returned to the researcher and will need to be rescheduled before they will be analyzed.

2. PLAN AHEAD. There is typically a 4 to 6 week delay between the date a Sample Analysis Request Form is received and the date the samples will be scheduled to arrive. We strongly suggest that you complete and submit your Sample Analysis Request Forms during the planning stages of your research or teaching project. Contacting us after your samples have been collected, extracted, or digested may result in sample analysis delays. If you need to complete a sample set by an imposed deadline, please provide this information in the Requested Processing Date line above.

3. Please provide the ARL with your best estimate of the number of samples you would like to submit. It is best to over-estimate rather than under-estimate on this number. Once a sample set is scheduled, it is easy to decrease the number of samples scheduled while increasing the number requires cancellation of the original appointment date and rescheduling of the samples again leading to delays in analysis. Please DO NOT deliver more samples to the ARL than are indicated on your Sample Analysis Request Form.

4.The ARL is using direct invoicing of UF/IFAS research account numbers for payment of services. Please expect to budget $2.00 per requested analyte/element, $1.00/extraction/sample and $2.00/digestion/sample. In addition, the cost for organic matter is now $10.00. Samples with unusual matrices or other problems may be subject to additional charges. Be sure to provide your sample matrix on this form. Please contact the ARL with any questions concerning unusual matrices or special analyses.

For additional information or questions concerning available services or for special request services, please contact the Laboratory Director or Coordinator.

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